What a nightmare!

‘I can’t think of anything worse than catering for a wedding.’ People shake their heads and say this to us often!

But here’s the thing, it’s actually great! We’re always working with happy, excited people celebrating a huge life event. How can that be a bad thing?

And we get to work with all sorts of delicious ingredients, experimenting and creating to our hearts content – a pretty good deal right?

On top of that, no two weddings are ever the same, so we could never ever get bored!

And there’s another massive bonus – we have a ‘happy staff’ policy. It works a treat. All we have to do is train them well, greatly appreciate them, pay them fairly, and voila – we have happy staff. And happy staff leads to happy clients.

Now all this is not to say there isn’t a lot of hard work involved, and its true the kitchen sometimes feels like a pressure cooker as the clock ticks down to go-time. Curved balls such as a BBQ that won’t start, or an entire course that seems to have gone missing have happened. The aftermath can be a little overwhelming with piles of cleaning stretched out in front of us for the next day or two. Washing and ironing all those uniforms can be a gigantic undertaking. And then there's all those tea-towels.

But hey what job doesn’t have its ‘unfavourite chores’.

Then there’s the dinner parties. People organise dinner parties to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and reunions. Everyone’s happily creating new memories to add on to all the blissful ones from the past. We get to partake of these celebrations from the kitchen – a mere popped champagne cork from the action since most of these joyful  gatherings are in peoples own family homes, or in a fabulous rental somewhere gorgeous.

And now we’ve added Epicuriosity to the dining options – for some next level fun. Not only do we get to create a delicious meal, but we also have the delightful undertaking of devising cunning little activities to keep everyone entertained and amused for the evening. Imagine our glee when the blindfolds are on and hilarious outbursts start, ‘what is this, I know it, I’ve had it a million times, I’m gonna kick myself if I can’t figure this one out!’

We’ve had our catering business for 15 years now – 15 years of doing everything we can to help people have an absolutely fantastic time. Really, I can tell you, it’s us who have the best time of all!