Olsen's Catering was established in Dunsborough back in 2004. We love creating beautiful food for weddings, dinner parties and all sorts of events. Olsen's Catering is committed to providing outstanding hospitality for all our clients in the South west

Our business  is small and personal - and we like it that way. It allows us to be involved at every level, from first contact to packing away the last plate. All the food we cook is made by us in our commercial kitchen premises in Dunsborough's Enterprise Park. We guarantee fresh, authentic food, using local produce whenever possible - including from our own organic vegetable garden and orchard.

With hundreds of weddings and more than a thousand dinner parties catered for since we began, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to draw upon and to share with you. Whether it's a dinner for two or a wedding for two hundred, we are dedicated to making every celebration special - and helping make memories that last a lifetime.

Olsen's Catering staff are an experienced and delightful team of talented chefs, waitstaff and barstaff. We greatly value our staff and believe they contribute a lot to the atmosphere of an event, Happy staff provide great service. Always smartly dressed in our crisp white Olsen's Catering shirts and black pants, they deliver service with style and a smile!

Grieg Olsen


Grieg trained in New Zealand in the 1980's. His knowledge and love of food has led to many professional accolades since then, including: Young Chef of the Year and 9 Gold Plate Awards in Western Australia.

Much has changed in the world of food over the past three decades, but his dedication to excellence, and his commitment to producing beautiful food endures. 

His current food passions include charcuterie, game, and his all-time favourite - seafood.

He is also an enthusiastic teacher and loves to share recipes with anyone keen to try their hand at cooking. 

Grieg is a keen diver and fisherman with a great love and respect of the magnificent South West coast. 


Juliet also trained as a chef in New Zealand, where she and Grieg met and married. Juliet's attention to detail is legendary. Her dedication to customer service, and her administrative role in their business ensures that each client's needs are individually and thoughtfully discussed, planned and met. 

She is a keen gardener and the carer of their vege garden, orchard, beehives, and chickens  - all of which contribute to their menus.

With their close working relationship and combined years of experience, Grieg and Juliet make a truly unbeatable team.